Focal Cortical Dysplasias, New advances for curing epilepsy, de Francine Chassoux et André Palmini

Focal Cortical Dysplasias, New advances for curing epilepsy, de Francine Chassoux et André Palmini


L’ouvrage marque le 50ème anniversaire de la première description de la dysplasie de Taylor, qui a révolutionné le monde de l’épilepsie et retrace l’histoire de l’évolution des concepts dans le monde de la recherche clinique et fondamentale.

Les plus grands experts internationaux en épileptologie, neurophysiologie, neuropathologie, génétique, imagerie et neurochirurgie, ont conçu cet ouvrage et font le point sur les dernières avancées permettant de mieux connaître et traiter les épilepsies en rapport avec les dysplasies corticales focales.

Ce dernier vous offre :

• Des informations concrètes sur le meilleur usage de tous les outils disponibles et sur la prise en charge la plus efficace possible.

Les bases de possibles thérapies ciblées élaborées à partir des dernières avancées de la recherche génétique et moléculaire.


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Despite major advances in all fields, Focal Cortical Dysplasias remain a mystery. From the first description 50 years ago by Taylor and colleagues, nobody could suspect that they would become perhaps the most relevant etiology of focal epilepsies in patients of all ages, particularly those with refractory seizures. Therefore, there is an urgent need to better understand the mechanisms of epileptogenicity and the natural course of these brain developmental lesions, to recognize their many faces, and to determine the best care. There are several unresolved issues, and framing these aspects in a straightforward way may help clinicians to be attentive to further advances in the field. Many questions need very focused approaches, from people producing knowledge that impacts patients around the world every day.
Based on the art, reflection and personal views shaped by the solid experience of a large panel of experts who have worked in the field for the last decades, this book provides a clear focus on the most recent advances in basic research. Combining numerous carefully selected  illustrations and very practical information on the best use of all available tools and on the optimal care for patients, this book is bound to become a reference book.

About the Author

Francine Chassoux is neurologist, Hospital Lariboisière, Paris.
Andre Palmini is neurologist, hospital department head, Hospital São Lucas da PUCRS, Brésil.