Private consultations

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Professor Froelich

Some doctors work in private practice in a public hospital under strictly regulated conditions.

The practitioner's fees (and consultation times) should be posted in the waiting room, so that you can find out the fees charged before you begin treatment with the chosen practitioner. At the end of the consultation, you pay the fees shown on the treatment sheet you receive. You can choose between the public and private sectors.

Your choice of the private sector must not be the result of a waiting period in the public sector that is incompatible with your state of health.

In the event of hospitalization :

you must expressly state in writing your choice to be treated as a self-employed practitioner;
you can obtain an estimate of the costs associated with your care;
you cannot be transferred from the public to the private sector or vice versa, unless you make a reasoned request to do so and your department head gives his or her opinion.