Your neurosurgeon and you will decide when you will leave the department depending on your medical evolution.

The healthcare team will organise your discharge and will deliver all the necessary documents for the organization of the post-operative period.

  • Medical prescriptions and explanation of treatment,
  • Post-operative care prescriptions,
  • Follow-up appointments,
  • Your hospitalization report that you will give to your general practitioner

If necessary and if you cannot go home directly, a transfer in a rehabilitation center is possible. If your are planning a transfer in a rehabilitation center, please discuss it with your surgeon during the Pre-operative consultation. If a convalescence or a stay in a rehabilitation centre is considered, please mention it to the care team as soon as you are admitted and please get in touch with the social worker as soon as possible.

Before leaving the hospital, you will need to go to the admission department; located in the yellow sector door 6 (Secteur Jaune Porte 6) in order to pay for the expenses occurred during your stay and take care of the exit formalities.