Department of Neurosurgery

Lariboisière Hospital

Clovis Vincent Building


Neurosurgery Outpatient Clinic 

Yellow wing (‘secteur jaune’) – Door 11 (‘Porte 11’)


Reception desk

Ground floor – Door 10 (‘Porte 10’)

Tel: +

A medical assistant will welcome you and assist you by making sure that all the paperwork needed for your admission is up to date. All the information needed for your admission  will be given to you. You will also provide all the relevant documents for your admission.


She will check your paperwork and will ask you to fill in:

– The trusted contact person designation form

– The consent to care form


Post-operative intensive care unit 

1st floor – Door 10 (‘Porte 10’)

Tel: +

Visiting times from 3pm to 8pm.

Patients who require intensive neurosurgical care are hospitalised on this floor. Patients’ monitoring as well as medical or paramedical personnel are reinforced on this floor. All patients operated for a cranial pathology are staying there post-surgery care for a variable amount of time depending on the severity of the intervention.

Conventional hospitalisation unit


2nd  floor – Door 10 (‘Porte 10’)

Tel: + Lien vers le pdf odm_-_musee_aph-mme_lariboisiere.n13_2016.compressed.pdf

Visiting times from 1pm to 8pm.

4th floor – Door 10 (‘Porte 10’)

Tel: +

Visiting times from 1pm to 8pm.


Medical Offices

3rd floor – Door 10 (‘Porte 10’)

  • Professor S. Froelich                                                     Telephone : +33(0)
  • Professor E. Mandonnet and Dr M.P. Loit                     Telephone : +33(0)
  • Dr S. Bouazza  and Dr K. Champeaux                          Telephone : +33(0)
  • Dr M. Orabi and Dr F. Pessina                                       Telephone : +33(0)
  • Dr A.L. Bernat and Dr N. Aldahak                                  Telephone : +33(0)