The department of Neurosurgery has 3 dedicated operating rooms.

The department also has two rooms dedicated to small emergencies, shared with other specialties.
Each operating room is equipped with all the latest technological tools available in order to perform surgery with the highest level of safety.



  • Intraoperative CT scanner

  • Latest generation operating microscope with image injection

  • High definition endonasal endoscopy

  • High definition ventricular endoscopy

  • Percutaneous endoscopy for minimally invasive spine surgery

  • Magnetic and infra-red neuronavigation

  • High speed drills

  • Ultrasonic aspirator

  • Piezoelectric osteotomy

  • Intraoperative monitoring of cranial nerves

  • Somatosensory and motor evoked potentials (PES, PEM)

  • Intraoperative video angiography

  • Fluorescence guided tumor resection

  • Intraoperative ultrasound