If your planned hospitalisation appointment is taken, you will have to organise your pre-admission.  

You have 2 options to do so:  

  • You can come to hospital prior to your hospitalisation day to prepare your medical file: costs being/ not being covered by Social Security Service, preparation of the medical file… You can also do your pre-admission after your anaesthetist appointment.   You will have to go to the admission office located on the yellow wing door 6 (‘secteur jaune porte 6’).  
  • You can do your pre-admission online                                                                                                

Online Pre-Admission   

Preparing your medical file prior to your hospitalisation allows you, the day of your appointment, to be directly directed to the ward that will be taking care of you. It will also save your time and will avoid you to forget mandatory documents at home, which could condition your hospitalisation or consultation.   


If your pre-admission file is not ready prior to your hospitalisation, you will have to do it on the day of your hospitalisation or consultation. Please come at least 30 minutes before your appointment time allowing time for queuing on busy days.