The consultation with an anaesthetist is essential to the preparation of the surgery and aims to assess the risks related to general anaesthesia and your surgery


The appointments take place yellow sector door 11 (‘Secteur jaune porte 11’).

 The day of the anaesthesia consultation, it is essential to have with you:

  • the blood tests results and other examinations relating to your care,
  • the prescription of your treatments dating from less than 3 months,
  • X-rays, reports, cardiac assessment, cardiac ultrasound as well as all the elements related to all your present and past health conditions.
  • Any other document that may be important for your care

In case of allergies, please make it clear to the anaesthetist as well as to the nurse at the time of your reception in the room. These elements are useful to the anaesthetist and avoid repeating exams that you would have already done. 

If you are unable to attend, please contact us as soon as possible on 01 49 95 81 70 or

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