You will be greeted at the reception desk located on the ground floor (DRC), yellow sector (yellow sector). door 10 (“door 10”). A medical secretary will assist you by ensuring that all the documents necessary for your stay in the hospital are up to date. You will give the secretary all relevant documents for your admission. She will check your papers and ask you to complete:

  • The form to design your trusted person

  • The consent form for care

She will then guide you to your room and a nurse will take care of you. Do not forget to bring all your personal medications in their original packaging. You can, if you wish, give them to the nurse, but do not forget to take them back when you leave.

  • The prescription of your usual treatment
  • Your toilet bag with your toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towels, washcloth, etc …)
  • Your nightgowns or pajamas, a loose dressing gown or a warm wool to walk in the hallways
  • your slippers

In addition, we do not advise you to keep with you your valuables (means of payment, jewelry, money). Please put them in the safe at the hospital upon arrival. If you decide to keep them with you, be aware that you will have to take full responsibility for them.


The service includes single rooms and twin rooms.

Single rooms are mainly intended for patients who are seriously ill or need to be isolated and minors. You can benefit from a single room depending on availability. The private room will be billed according to the rates in force in the various hospitals of the AP-HP. If you wish to benefit from a single room, you must make the request during your pre-admission or admission. We will do our best to satisfy your request according to the needs of the service.


You can have access to telephone and television services. The staff is at your disposal to give you more information.


Throughout your stay, the neurosurgical resident of your area will be your daily contact. Your surgeon will ensure the smooth progress of your evolution. He will come to your room regularly. Every morning, the medical team and the on-call neurosurgeon meet to discuss the progress of all hospitalized patients. At the end of this meeting, they can make decisions about you: request for additional examinations, outside notices, exit proposal, date of intervention, etc. You will be well informed of these decisions. The service works closely with the facility’s pain management team.


The anesthesiologist and the doctors who will take care of you will see you the day before the surgery (the internal doctor and the surgeon). Please report any changes that have occurred since your consultation. If necessary, additional tests can be done before and during your stay: blood test, ECG check, radio, etc.


Visits are permitted every day from 1pm to 8pm on the 2nd and 4th floors. Visits are permitted from 3 pm to 8 pm on the 1st floor of the neurosurgical intensive care unit. The loan of equipment such as computers will allow you to spend a moment of relaxation. The staff will bring you the necessary information. Mobile phones are tolerated. However, make sure that its use does not interfere, especially in sensitive areas: double rooms and night. The hospital is a public place without tobacco. We ask you to respect the rules of the hospital, which can be found in the school booklet.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that our department receives daily emergencies that may change the organization of your hospitalization.